RISD School Tours

Local Elementary School Information

A few current contacts for our local schools are listed below. Additionally, the website www.risd.org is a great resource for information about our schools. If the school your child is zoned for is not listed below, please contact the LHAECPTA RISD Liaison, Kendra Dahlberg (risdliaison@lhaecpta.org) and she’ll help you get more information!

The schools listed below offer group tours in the fall and early spring.  If you would like a personal tour of the schools, please feel free to contact them.


Please contact Deena Gonzales for information about Aikin: deena.gonzales@risd.org

Hamilton Park

For more information about Hamilton Park, please contact Kellee Murrell, Principal: Kellee.Murrell@richardson.k12.tx.us or Kristy Burrell, Executive Assistant: Kristy.Burrell@richardson.k12.tx.us

Lake Highlands

For general information about LHE, please contact Susi Del Rio-Rinck: Susi.DelRio@richardson.k12.tx.us

Merriman Park

For information about MPE, please contact Libby Henry ( libbyzey@hotmail.com) or Denise Smith ( mdsmithtx@sbcglobal.net)

Moss Haven

For information about MHE, please contact Erin Basden ( erinbasden@yahoo.com) or Jennifer Hemingson ( jenniferhemingson@yahoo.com) for the Pony Club ( alisonstacy@yahoo.com).


Please contact Sharon Erickson for information about Northlake:  Sharon.Erickson@richardson.k12.tx.us


Please contact Jessica Hume for more information about Skyview: jessica.hume@richardson.k12.tx.us


For more information about Wallace please contact Erin Harrison ( runnerelh@yahoo.com) or Jen Pettit ( jenandstevep@sbcglobal.net).

White Rock

For information about WRE, please contact Whitney Ragsdale ( whitneyhragsdale@yahoo.com) or Tara Hickman ( khickman@sbcglobal.net).