RISD Information

Local Elementary School Information

A few current contacts for our local schools are listed below. Additionally, the website www.risd.org is a great resource for information about our schools. If the school your child is zoned for is not listed below, please contact the LHAECPTA RISD Liaison, Kendra Dahlberg (risdliaison@lhaecpta.org) and she’ll help you get more information!

The schools listed below offer group tours in the fall and early spring.  If you would like a personal tour of the schools, please feel free to contact them.


Please contact Deena Gonzales for information about Aikin: deena.gonzales@risd.org

Hamilton Park

For more information about Hamilton Park, please contact Kellee Murrell, Principal: Kellee.Murrell@richardson.k12.tx.us or Kristy Burrell, Executive Assistant: Kristy.Burrell@richardson.k12.tx.us

Lake Highlands

For general information about LHE, please contact Susi Del Rio-Rinck: Susi.DelRio@richardson.k12.tx.us

Merriman Park

For information about MPE, please contact Libby Henry ( libbyzey@hotmail.com) or Denise Smith ( mdsmithtx@sbcglobal.net)

Moss Haven

For information about MHE, please contact Erin Basden ( erinbasden@yahoo.com) or Jennifer Hemingson ( jenniferhemingson@yahoo.com) for the Pony Club ( alisonstacy@yahoo.com).


Please contact Sharon Erickson for information about Northlake:  Sharon.Erickson@richardson.k12.tx.us


Please contact Jessica Hume for more information about Skyview: jessica.hume@richardson.k12.tx.us


For more information about Wallace please contact Erin Harrison ( runnerelh@yahoo.com) or Jen Pettit ( jenandstevep@sbcglobal.net).

White Rock

For information about WRE, please contact Whitney Ragsdale ( whitneyhragsdale@yahoo.com) or Tara Hickman ( khickman@sbcglobal.net).

2017-2018 LHAECPTA RISD Liaisons

Our RISD Liasons are Ann Willis and Sarah McCullough

Do you know of any parents with pre-schoolers living in Richardson ISD (outside of LH) that could benefit from an ECPTA? If so, please tell them how great organizations like ours are and suggest they consider joining The Richardson Early Childhood PTA. They are recruiting membership to join their growing group. If you know of anyone interested, please have them the Council President. president@risdpta.org