Mess Free Finger Painting

We all want to encourage our budding artists to explore their creative sides, but sometimes cleaning up the mess is a whip. With this project the kids can finger paint to their hearts content, but with virtually no clean up afterward!

White Paper
Ziploc Freezer Bags
Tempera Paint
Painters Tape

1. Squirt two or three colors of paint into each freezer bag. Bonus: Use primary colors to teach about color mixing!
2. Seal the freezer bags.
3. Place a white piece of paper on the table, then place the sealed, paint-filled freezer bag over the paper. Tape over all four sides with painters tape to affix the bags and paper to the table.
4. Allow kids to use their fingers to “paint” on the bags. Paint stays contained but they can still draw, write, mix colors, etc.!