Board and Bylaws

Standing Rules

2016 – 2017 Exec Board Members

Position Name E-mail Address
President Courtney Peach
1st VP Ways & Means Meredith Cheairs
2nd VP – Programs Liz Howayeck
3rd VP – Membership Barbara Chiriboga
4th VP – Home Tour & Auction Evangeline Sonnier
5th VP - Communications Alexis Cass
Parliamentarian Allyn Lowell
Membership Aid Preeya Genz
Membership Aid Jennifer Baene
Home Tour & Auction Coordinator Sarah Gills
Home Tour & Auction Luncheon Coordinator Goodwin Lawrence
Home Tour & Auction Promotions and PR Brooks Proffitt Radighieri
Home Tour & Auction Program Christina Feller
Home Tour & Auction Items and Donations Leann Oxley
Adult Interest Coordinator Kayla Acomb
Hospitality Chairperson Courtney Lynch
Hospitality Committee Member Daneille Brown
Newsletter Editor Lauren Borgan
Newsletter Committee Gabriela Gilmore
RISD Liaison Ann Willis
RISD PAC Carol Delmer
Website Coordinator Megan Smith